Who we are

We are a young married couple in our thirties and in our professional careers.

Andreas moved from Germany to New Zealand in 2009. He grew up in a German quality house which used double glazing since it was built in 1981 and he is familiar with warm and long sustaining style of houses.

Anna, with Thai/Chinese roots, grew up in New Zealand. She realised how little clothing was required to stay warm and comfy in houses in Germany, despite temperatures being far cooler than New Zealand.

Andreas’ childhood home, which was built with double glazing in 1981. Never experienced condensation, mould etc

Why We Do It

We are very excited to trial with building our certified passive home in the Auckland region within the Auckland housing market value but with far better quality.

To us, our home is our roots and our permanent physical structure. It is thus important to us that our home withstands the changing climate and is future-aware in a time when the world’s non-renewable resources are running out and increasing wastes are produced from our ordinary living, both of which make our living non-sustainable and hurt the environment.

Building our home (in New Zealand) that will be a certified passive house is one, but big, step for us, and we are aware that a lot more can be done to be green and sustainable. One step at a time…

A certified passive house saves approximately 80-90% of the usual energy consumption to run a house at 21 degrees. The house almost self-regulates its own temperature and, in meeting that requirement, there are other benefits such as no or reduced condensation and risks of leaky issues. This, in turn, reduces damage to the house structure and household items, and so reduces construction and other wastes.

The well-regulated temperature and unique air circulating system also reduces health risks associated with molds, allergies, low or varying temperatures. We look forward to raising our family in such a healthy and comfortable home.

We are not a company or a business at all. Our website was created so people could follow our journey of how we go about building a healthy home, and to help/inspire others to build healthy homes as well.

We hope sharing our journey will inspire others and help them to also make this one, but big, step to reduce the ecological footprints.

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