Who builds it

Our constructor and passive house specialist is:


The roof shout luck lasted less than a week until our world got turned upside down harder than ever.

We have promoted our main contractor for far too long. We had to cancel our building contract with Izodom Homes Limited. Mike Greulich (Director) All we can say at this stage, we do NOT recommend working with the director and his associated companies. Check out the status of his companies on https://companies-register.companiesoffice.govt.nz/




Stage 1 – Bought land in October 2018 and signed agreement with eHaus to build & design our house

Stage 2 – Title for section received in May 2020

Stage 3 – Previous builder (eHaus) utterly failed to fulfill design promises and we had to start from scratch again. 22 months later… 

Stage 4 – Concept Design

Stage 5 – Energy Modeling Analysis

Stage 6 – Developed Design

Stage 7 – Building consent Documentation in March 2021

Stage 8 – Engineering and Council in October 2021

Stage 9 – Start building the house in February 2022 with original planned move-in Dec 2022.

Stage 10 – Cancelled contract with Izodom Homes Limited

Stage 11 – Project viability assessment

Stage 10 – Move-in TBA

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