Who builds it

Our constructor and passive house specialist is:

Mike (Director) 


The Auckland-based people involved are:

Jürgen (Project Manager)

Erik (Joiner/Carpenter)

Max (Foreman) from CoastR Construction:




Stage 1 – Bought land in October 2018 and signed agreement with eHaus to build & design our house

Stage 2 – Title for section received in May 2020

Stage 3 – Previous builder (eHaus) utterly failed to fulfill design promises and we had to start from scratch again. 22 months later… 

Stage 4 – Concept Design

Stage 5 – Energy Modeling Analysis

Stage 6 – Developed Design

Stage 7 – Building consent Documentation in March 2021

Stage 8 – Engineering and Council in October 2021

Stage 9 – Start building the house in February 2022

Stage 10 – Move-in sometime in 2022

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Auckland, New Zealand