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Title for land received!

Title for land received!

Today we are officially a very proud landowner of our lot in the brand new Pacific Heights Development in Orewa.

Title received !

It took more than 7 months for the Auckland Council. We stayed positive & good things take time.

We now finalize the house design & pricing for our passive house. Stay tuned!

We don’t build houses. We are just a young couple wanting to inspire others to build healthy homes.

Passive House Institute Webinar

Passive House Institute Webinar

Prof. Dr. Feist said: Can we still solve the climate crisis? 

DEFINITELY: If we soon decide to act meaningfully. AND: We then act in accordance with this decision.

Last week we participated in an international webinar with the founder of Passive House Institute Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Feist. Very informative about the impressive passive house projects around the world. New Zealand has to speed up in building healthy homes.

The below graph is from Prof. Dr. Feist from the latest press release from The International Passive House Association

Miele meets Team Wunderbar

Miele meets Team Wunderbar

We are excited & proud to have such a well-established (since 1899) & family-owned company with great products & services to make our passive house even more efficient & future proof. We look forward to getting our hands on the appliances soon.

Read the first article about Team Wunderbar:

Sustainable living: meet team Wunderbar


COVID19 has not completely stopped us

COVID19 has not completely stopped us

from making progress on our Wunderbar Passive House project.

Thank you for the people who continue working from home on our passive house project, much appreciated. Stay safe, be kind, kia kaha & gemeinsam schaffen wir das.

We are excited to share our Wunderbar Passive House Logo!

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